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We offer thousands of new and refurbished real theater chairs that are in stock and ready to ship, in small or large quantities and in every price range. Audio and theater accessories are also available to add the finishing touches. Refurbished chairs come from actual cinemas and theaters across the country and are popular with home owners wanting an authentic or vintage movie theater look for their media rooms. What's more, many styles can be customized readily, with our fabrics or your own material.

Bring back to life historic elegant auditorium seating. Our renovated refurbished auditorium theater seating capabilities guarantee that the seat is brought back to its original state. Depend on our expertise for theater chairs that need Restoration & Reupholstering, seat repairs, re-manufactured, restored theater seats, refurbished theater seats, restored theater seating. Theater seating renovation includes reupholstered seats, staining wood and powder coating metal.

At Discount Seating, we're passionate about providing the best used theater seats that meet your unique requirements and preferences. We'll take the time to fully understand what you are looking for and offer outstanding solutions.

Our Restoration Team's primary focus is to achieve your complete satisfaction, and we believe this is only accomplished by providing the highest-quality products and caring customer service. Whether you want to transform your auditorium, existing theater, or any other seating you may have, we are fully equipped to deliver the best results in the industy. Our years of experience will ensure you find exactly what you need for affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Home theater seating and movie theatre seats and chairs can be found here on discount-seating.com. We have many used theater seats for sale that will meet your theater seating needs.Here at Discount Seating Inc., years of combined industry experience has assisted us in understanding your upholstered auditorium seating needs and perfect a cost-effective solution: on site quality reupholstering and refinishing. We utilize specialized equipment, a unique on site reupholstering and refinishing process, and countless other ways to provide upholstered auditorium seat restoration of the highest quality, convenience and affordability. The unparalleled appearance, comfort and durability of your refurbished auditorium seats makes them almost like new
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